The Mafiosa’s Lash Guide: Select a Lash to Suit Your Eye Shape

The Mafiosa’s Lash Guide: Select a Lash to Suit Your Eye Shape

When looking to get your perfect pair of falsies here is something to think about before making your selection.


The almond eye is a classic eye shape that can basically wear any style of lash. Dramatic voluminous lashes with an even length from inner corner to outer corner will show off and enhance this eye shape. We suggest Beautiful for a more subtle look, and Fire to amp up the drama.

If your eye shape is round, a "cat eye" lash will elongate the eye. When we say cat eye, we mean they are shorter on the inner corner and gradually get longer toward the outer corner. We recommend Tigress for a round eye, it has just the right amount of volume in the outer corner to beautifully elongate the eye.

Hooded eye shape is when the crease and eyelid are hidden. A long, wispy, curly lash with more volume in the center of the lash will give it depth thus creating a bigger, brighter looking eye. We do not recommend anything too voluminous as it will make this eye shape appear smaller... Girly Girl is a must have in this case.

Deep set eyes that sit under a prominent brow bone can use lashes that are really dramatic without the lashes overpowering the eyes. Lashes with length, density and volume would compliment deep set eyes best because they can carry it so beautifully. We'd have to say Showstopper and Ms Thang are some great picks for a deep set eye.

A single-lid, or monolid eye shape is characterized by the lack of a defined crease above the upper lash line. When selecting a lash for this eye shape look for these things: length to elongate and emphasize, curl to open up and frame the eyes, and shape... for that extra pop, pick a pair where the individual lashes are fanned and spaced out. We think Sun Kissed, Dollie, and Classy will rock this look!
Remember Mafiosas, this is just a guide for #makeupmafialashes first timers! Falsies are meant to be flirty and fun while adding drama and spice to any makeup look! If you love a pair, no matter what style, there are no rules that say you can’t wear it!