Our Story


Makeup-Mafia was founded in 2018 with a vision and a mission to offer a selection of luxurious, unique, high quality lashes fit for all eye shapes. We call ourselves the Mafia which really means "Our Family". When we say welcome to the Mafia, we are welcoming you to our family.



"I want Makeup-Mafia lashes to be for anyone regardless of age, ethnicity or gender to feel absolutely fabulous in lashes that compliment their personality and diverse features. Being an entertainer and using lashes regularly, I never found a pair of falsies that I truly loved. Hence, Makeup-Mafia was born... I want to give you lashes that bring beauty, luxury, style, comfort, and price point to the lash game! We will start this journey with 15 signature styles, 12 in 3D mink and 3 faux mink. With that, we will continue to grow our line and bring you unique styles that range from natural to dramatic. Ultimately, our goal will be to offer lash accessories, makeup, makeup accessories and more. We hope you come along for the journey, and become a lifelong member of our family."

Head Mafiosa in Charge